Tony Wong

Tony Wong


Mountain Climber

Inches: 37 x 35.5 (framed)

Centimeters: 93.98 x 90.17



Tony Wong (1948 - 2012) was a painter and sculptor who emigrated from Hong King to the United States in 1966. He studied at The Art Institute of Chicago and received his MFA from University of California. His work incorporates mythology, legend and classical literary themes into his narrative.  There is a childlike naïveté and simple directness in Tony's; his figures are whimsical characters deriving from these stories, while at the same time they are not unlike his own self portraits - a naive country folk living in the "Big Apple"!  His paintings pull the viewer into a mysterious labyrinth of human figures and landscape that allude to Chinese and Western fables and mythology.  His work is actively collected.